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Date: Saturday 19 November
Venue: Hanuman Restaurant

Menu de Degustation

Degustation 2005

Our final event for 2005 and what a wonderful way to end our second year. The Hanuman team led us through the garden of gastronomy once again!. See the gallery here

Date: Sunday 25 September
Venue: On the beach - East Point

54 guests attended this amazing evening on the beach. Jimmy Shu arrived with gas burners, huge cauldrons and 65 enormous live mud crabs.

What a feast we had! Have a look at the photo gallery for this event.

Date: Saturday 20 August
Venue: Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Association

Barra Wings on the barbie

Our friend David Taylor was let loose with the wings for this "get your fingers messy" event.

Breads dipped in David's fabulous bagna caulda and a lovingly nurtured balsamico and the wings served with a choice of flavours - bush tomato, spicy Thai, mango and the to die for Jamaican Jerk. Here's the recipe - marinade yourself a goat and slow roast on the Weber!

The Barra wings were very kindly provided by Ilic Brothers Fisheries

Ilic Brothers Fisheries

Date: Saturday 11 June
Venue: Botanical Gardens

'Botanical bites'

We joined the Gardens staff for a guided tour of edible plants in the Botanical Gardens.

Botanical Bites Botanical Bites

Date: Saturday 21 May
Venue: PeeWee's at the Point
East Point Reserve

Welcome the Dry Season!

Tables on the lawn at this fabulous dry season venue. Four courses with matched wines. See the menu

Date: Friday April 1
Venue: Roma Bar

Local People, Imported Cheese
Try as we might, we were unable to source locally for our opening event of the year! Luckily, Neville Pantazis of Parap Fine Foods was on hand to tell us all about them. See the selection here

Date: Wednesday March 9
David Taylor cooking class
Our opening event for the year. A casual and highly informative evening on David's beautiful verandah. Read about David here

Using fresh local produce, David tells us where to source the ingredients, how to prepare them and then delights us with a fabulous tropical menu.

Crab and Rose

David Taylor

wings on the barbie
Welcome the Dry Season at PeeWees
Welcome the Dry Season at PeeWees
Local people, imported cheese
Local people, imported cheese